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GrafEq - Ottieni la massima comprensione del calcolo matematico

Al momento non abbiamo una recensione per il software: GrafEq, versione 2.13. Se desiderate scrivere una recensione per questo software, potete mandarcela e noi saremo molto lieti di aggiungerla sul sito.

GrafEq, not pronounced as Graphic, is a smart and perceptive, not to mention precise mathematical application that can help you understand and conduct basic as well as complex mathematical calculations. The main feature of the application is producing high quality and robust graphs of inherent mathematical relations. The program is designed to harvest visually pleasing and comprehendible statistics via graphical representation.
Among all things, the one element that might particularly capture your interest is that the application undertakes tasks of equations far more efficiently than traditional calculator software or actual calculators. Another impressive feature of the software is the ‘subtractive plotting’ option that nullifies all areas of an equation that has no answer or solution, iteratively creating great calculative imagery.
The GrafEq application is designed for drawing mathematical graphs that has related equations and complex inequalities. You can even incorporate your high school’s mathematical curriculum with the GrafEq application, although you would require a site license to do so. The application uses a complex graphing engine to site graphs and motivates for further mathematical investigations.
The program is popularly used in various high schools as well as for private tutoring and has a somewhat simple user interface in a variety of languages, including Dutch, English, Portuguese, French, Korean, Indonesian and Japanese.


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